Wine Is Just Fine-The Truth About Wine

Drink some Wine!

Hello wonderful readers!

Maybe you do not drink ever and that is just fine by me. Some of you work out like animals every day to keep that Cardio fit heart in good shape…(good for you)! Some of you don’t work out at all but have other outlets to help you stay SANE and relaxed.

I drink Red Wine (Pinot Noir):

Red Wine has antioxidants and is great for relaxation, oxygen and healthy blood…not too much though, but enough to take a step back and enjoy life. We all need to relax from time to time!

They say that a glass or two of Red Wine every night will EXTEND life! I believe that to be true and want to be around for my loved ones as long as possible. After all, I now 126 years old but only look 99! Just kidding!! Wouldn’t that be great! Actually, I’d still like to look 33! I digress!

Take a break from all the work you do during the week and treat yourself to a nice glass of Red Wine. It is amazing how breaking up the work routine REALLY helps! If you prefer white, that is fine too, but spend time treating yourself to some relaxation and stress free living.


If you get a chance, visit a Winery and do taste testing until you find the one or ones that are beneficial to your pallet. Awhile back I traveled to San Francisco and stayed downtown. I decided to take a limo zine to the Wine country in Napa for the day and I am happy I did. It was a total blast to visit the Wineries and sample so many exquisite wines and not have to drive!!


If you cannot attend a Winery, go to your nearest Wine shop and ask the experts there to give you a full description of how each Wine tastes. You will also notice that on the label there are notes that give you a “taste description.” They are fun to read!


Make sure when you open a bottle of Wine you let it sit and breathe for a while in the glass before drinking it. This will give it a smoother feel and taste. Drinking it too fast without it breathing can result in a bitter taste to your pallet.


Having a nice glass of Wine to look forward to in the evening is such a great way to relax, open up the communication channels between you and you loved ones and share your day, future goals or anything that comes to mind. My Spouse and I do what we call “couch talk” and it really helps our relationship.


As I create more posts, I will be speaking not only about how to make an amazing income with the best Affiliate Marketing Company around, but I will also be sharing with you elements on how to stay healthy with simple and easy diets, exercise (the kind that is not difficult or time-consuming) and amazing supplements for your longevity.

Of course, drink responsibly and do not drink and drive.

Sending you my Love today and always my friends!

John Aitken


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