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Welcome to my article called, “What is a keyword research tool-#1 pick.

In this article, we will discuss the following points:

#1 What the definition of a keyword research tool is.

#2 How a keyword research tool can give you a huge advantage over others.

#3 Which keyword tool is the best on the planet.

#4 A FREE demonstration of a keyword research tool that you can experience right here.



Keyword research tool defined is specifically a task or practice that internet professionals utilize in order gain an advantage in their research for products and services in the search engine optimization process. By doing this, the professional receives a much better ranking than the competition, creating much more traffic to their Website (higher page position), consequently resulting in more income and sales. The keyword research tools can tremendously assist in this process.


#2 How a keyword research tool can give you an advantage over others.

When an individual searches on the internet for a product or service, they type in the GOOGLE bar words or a phrase in order to transport them to the information they are requesting.

If you already have a product, service or niche that you are promoting, you WANT Millions of eyes (traffic) to see it, right?

In order to get TONS of traffic to your website, you need an advantage over others who are promoting similar products and services as you.

A keyword research tool gives you that advantage because you will be able to type in specific words in the search engines and the program will provide you the statistical analysis of those keywords or phrases you are actually typing.



#1. Searches Per Month. This will give you an idea of how many people per month are searching for those exact words or phrases in the search engines. The more searches, the more traffic you will receive on your page or article.

#2 Keyword Quality Index (KQI). The KQI will let you know if your word or phrase is great, normal or a poor outcome as far as your words getting indexed.

#3 Quoted Search Results (QSR). The QSR is awesome and the BEST because it measures your competition on the words you are deciding whether to implement. You want your QSR to be under 300 ideally but even better if it is under 200! This simply means your have LESS competition on that word or phrase. The lower the number, the lower the competition.

#4 The Power of SEO (search engine optimization). You want to know if the keyword you are using is a highly ranked key word that will soar in the SEO and get you good indexed rankings. The higher the ranking you receive, the more money you can make! You will receive more traffic if you utilize Jaaxy search results and select the best keywords to get you on the first page of GOOGLE, Yahoo and Bing.

#3 Which keyword tool is the best on the planet.


Our #1 pick and without any doubt is JAAXY!


With Jaaxy, you receive an all in one platform to do any and all research you require becoming successful in your marketing campaign.

The advantage that you can possess over your competition is second to none with Jaaxy!




Click on the above #4 title and give Jaaxy a try for free.

You will be amazed at all the research information at your fingertips that your competition is struggling to find. This gives you a HUGE ADVANTAGE. This means more traffic to your articles or marketing campaign, higher rankings in the Search Engine Optimization and more income to you!

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4 thoughts on “What is a Keyword Research Tool- Our #1 pick”

  1. When I read the title, I knew it was going to be JAAXY. I also use it for keyword research and I am very satisfied. I use it together in combination with Google search, and I don’t even think about any other keyword research tool option. Very useful for SEO optimization, and transparent regarding information about Searches Per Month, Keyword Quality Index (KQI) and Quoted Search Results (QSR).
    Highly recommend!

    • Hello Nina!  Thank you for commenting on my article called, “What is a keyword research tool- #1 pick.”  I am very happy you are highly satisfied using all the benefits of Jaaxy!  I agree with you that everything they provide is transparent and gives you an advantage over others in getting ranked and indexed with GOOGLE.

  2. A keyword research tool is a must have for me as an affiliate marketer and Jaaxy is by far one of the Major tools out there. I have used Jaaxy Pro and I find it to be a very accurate Keyword finder. Not only that – It is more advanced. You can check your site rank, competitors and find affiliate programs for every keyword. I agree that the QSR is important for organic search. To compete with larger websites using ads/PPC I use the QSR to find searchable Keywords that people search for and get organic traffic. Good post!

    • Thanks for visiting my site and reading, “What is a keyword research tool-#1 pick.”  You are doing a great job using this helpful tool.  The advanced Jaaxy pro seems to be very accurate and helps you to become even more successful in keyword research.  Having an advantage over others in the same business will solidify more income and earnings for you.


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