Ways to Make Quick Money Online – Our #1 Pick


There are many ways to make quick money online that is advertised, but which one business is actually the best in the industry?

Which one online platform will REALLY deliver you the results of earning a good income quickly with the least amount of cost and work involved?


The Home Business Academy’s 30-Minute Workday Program!




#1, Is The 30-Minute Workday a Scam? NO.

#2, Can The 30-Minute Workday yield a good income for your family?

Yes. Their lifelong proven method of income streams are progressive and have been perfected to work 100% of the time. This is not a get-rich-quick-scheme! They teach you how to create multiple streams of income! You EARN WHILE YOU LEARN!

#3, How much money can you make with The 30-Minute Workday platform?

Depending on which level you join, you can earn as much as a 7 figure income that becomes progressive and is recurring and sustainable (they train you exactly how to achieve this).

They will show you how to make your first $100,000 by just working 30 minutes per day!

#4, With The 30-Minute Workday program, is most everything already done for the customer who joins? Yes.



#5, Can you make INSTANT INCOME with The 30-Minute Workday platform? YES.

#6, How long does it take to see revenue arriving?

Depending on how fast you start, you can see income in as little as 48-72 hours into your account after training.

#7, Can you make a passive income that is recurring month after month? Yes.

#8, How much will it cost you to join their platform?


They have different levels of memberships depending on how much money you want to earn.

First level: You can start training for a one time fee of only $27. (They also offer an amazing email swipe file of the BEST 50 proven emails in the world for a one time charge of only $17 (Well worth it)!

Second level: You can join the basic membership which will cost you less than a cup of coffee per day and start making an income within 72 hours.

Third level: You can upgrade and join the premium membership levels which will get you on the path to earning a seven figure sustainable progressive and passive income for only $125 per month. They explain all the levels when you go through the FREE training video. You will be multiplying your income stream with the premium offers.


THEY PAY 80% COMMISSIONS ON ALL SALES (for example, when someone joins under the premium membership for $125, you will make $100 EVERY MONTH off just that one person)!

#9, Do you have to set up, design or get a Website?

No, they do all the work FOR YOU.   You will use their templates and capture pages.

These have been proven to WORK!   Your business will be 100% automated with a stream of income directly to you from the emails you send to your traffic (you send only ONE email per day from your auto responder and it goes to everyone on your list).

#10, Will you have to do the Emailing to the customers yourself?

You will send out ONE email per day by clicking only one button.  This will go to everyone on your list.  You will be trained as to what your emails should convey to your customers.

You will be taught how to solve a problem they have and tap into their desires, wants and needs.  Your email auto responder does all follow up and funnels your customers into the sign up procedure which pays you 80% commissions! All the design work has been done for you.

#11, Will you have to do any selling?

No. The funnels do all the sales work for you. You simply set up your account (they show you how, step by step) and push the traffic button. It truly is a 30-Minute Workday that WORKS!

This is a stable, long term, predictable income that can be made by you every month with their Ever Wealth Proven Formula that has been working for years! You will be multiplying your money.


The 30-Minute Workday works 100% of the time for less than $1.50 per day and most all the work is already done for you!

You can start small and build your wealth every month. The training will show you exactly how to multiply your money!



You will wake up, push a traffic button on your computer and send out ONE email already written for you.   This email will go to thousands (all done for you).  From there you will wait and see the arriving income in your back office site that they set up for you!



Once you get trained, you will only have to work 30 minutes per day.

The rest of your time can be spent doing WHAT YOU LOVE TO DO WITH TOTAL FREEDOM!

Spend time with your family.

Work out and improve your health.

Give back and serve your community.

Take a vacation or travel.

Visit friends and help them achieve their goals.

Start another business or project.

Read a great book, or anything you enjoy.



With the Home Business Academy’s 30-Minute Workday, anyone (even without prior experience) can be capable of making money quickly online as long as they are serious about learning how to use their sales funnel.

Any niche can be incorporated into the sales funnel that they provide.

Since they pay 80% commission on every referral (which becomes monthly residual income), anyone can earn income quickly and sustain this income with the tools they provide.



The 30-Minute Workday is a fantastic way to get on your feet and start earning wealth and also have the freedom to live your life in the areas you are most interested in.

We all have hobbies and interests that we want to explore.  With The Home Business Academy’s 30-Minute Workday we can all enjoy our life and create the memories we so long to encompass. Without financial security we cannot spend the quality time to enjoy our hobbies and what we were meant to do here on this earth.



I sincerely hope you enjoyed my article and encourage you to click on the link above to check out The 30-Minute Workday and at least pick up the FREE 30-Minute Workday Escape Plan E-book!

May your family be always blessed!

John Aitken

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4 thoughts on “Ways to Make Quick Money Online – Our #1 Pick”

  1. Thank you for this review. You have encouraged me to check out this FREE 30-minute workday escape plan e-book. I have never been scammed, thankfully. But I must admit I still have my defense-mode high concerning this platform. So, reading their free e-book will make me want to continue our detour away from them.

    • Hi Ann,

      Thanks for your comment on my article, Ways to make quick money online.  Yes, you will really enjoy the free 30-Minute Escape Plan.  The author is giving away his secrets that he spent $15,000 in just one day to get from a guru in Hawaii named Jonathan.  It is an easy read and makes a lot of sense.  I personally have used the principles in the book and it has now made me the #1 member of The Home Business Academy’s 30-Minute Workday Platform.  I cam currently helping others achieve success in the online world.  If I can help you, please do not hesitate to reach out so I can provide you excellent advice.  Thanks again, John

  2. Hi John. Another great post. Im just starting discovering world of digital marketing and Im still surprised how many options to make money is available online. Im working now on my blog, but definitely will check 30-minutes workday site and ebook (especially that its totally free). There is so much to learn in this business and your articles makes it much easier.

    • Hi Cogito!

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my article, “Ways to make quick money online.”  Yes, there are so many avenues to earning an income online.  The trick is to find the one that agrees with your talents.  Many people join platforms and then think everything will be done for them and they do not have to put in much effort.  With a small amount of planning and excellent work ethic, success can be achieved with The 30-Minute Workday.  All you need is a computer, be willing to train and follow simple instructions.  The e-book is wonderful and written by a gentleman names Nick Bramble who in my opinion makes a lot of sense in the online world.  I hope you pick up a copy and enjoy his reasoning.  Best to you, John


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