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Wealthy Affiliate Review-Complete Rankings




Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Website: www.wealthyaffiliate.com 


Starter Membership $0 FREE (Join Here)


Premium Membership $49/Month OR $495/Year (Join Here)

Overall Ranking: 98 out of 100

Who Joins Wealthy Affiliate: Beginners to Experts

Owners: Carson and Kyle


What you are about to read will enhance everything you need to know about the rankings and how others accurately view and review Wealthy Affiliate Marketing.

What I have learned about this Company will no doubt provide for you information to make an intelligent, informed decision about Wealthy Affiliate.

Before I share with you the rankings of Wealthy Affiliate, I would like to give you some background information about this highly ranked company and how they can provide you the kind of training, support and huge income you are seeking on line in the comfort of your home.

With nearly 2,000,000 members, Wealthy Affiliate is by far the largest, highest quality and most popular Affiliate platform anywhere in the world!

The members of Wealthy Affiliate have been and continue to be kind, honest, caring and helpful. The connections you will make can be life long.

Consider the training they provide that can take you from knowing nothing to having your own sustainable and awesome passive income! Need validation? Read the reviews / rankings below.

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Name of Company: Wealthy Affiliate (Established 2005)

Website URL: www.wealthyaffiliate.com

Owners: Kyle and Carson

Building A Website: 4.9 Stars out of 5

Training: 4.8 Stars out of 5

Support: 5.0 Stars out of 5

Research Tools: 4.6 Stars out of 5

WordPress Host 4.8 Stars out of 5

Free Access To Add On 4.8 Stars out of 5

Website Maneuverability: 4.9 Stars out of 5

Success Stories: 4.5 Stars out of 5

Price: Starter Membership (Free), Premium Membership ($49/month or $495/year).



With Wealthy Affiliates, the support you have is phenomenal! A 5 *****STAR ***** Rating is very rare in this industry! That is one of the many reasons many people like you are choosing to look into Wealthy Affiliates.

Even if you know practically NOTHING about on line income, you will find that Wealthy Affiliates is a Company who actually care about your success and is willing to answer any of your questions without judgment.

After doing tons of research, reading testimonials and interviewing members I concluded that Wealthy Affiliates was #1 in the industry.

It was a no brainer to select Wealthy Affiliates as the best Company in the world for support and future success in the Affiliate Marketing industry!

Wealthy Affiliate has been successful since 2005!

The community will represent to you that they are sincere and extremely helpful to your success.

Their support means everything to your success. With their live chat lines, blogs, training, private messaging and hosting support, you always know that any question you have will get an answer quickly.

Even the CEO is available to chat with any day! The service you get is second to none in this industry!



In the Affiliate Marketing industry you will not find another Company who has all the bells and whistles that Wealthy Affiliate has to make your success a reality.

Their website creation technique is extremely easy!

They walk you through step by step. It’s easy to join for FREE!

The FREE membership includes the step by step training, as well as setting up and publishing your very own FREE website!

(If you have any questions about this review of WA, scroll down to the bottom and leave your comment and I will get back to your within 24 hours).



Whether you are a seasoned professional, retired, a college student, have never had an internet business, a single Mom / Dad, employed, unemployed, 18 years young or 90 years old, anyone can learn how to achieve success on line with Wealthy Affiliate.

The 4 steps they teach are the following:

#1 Choose an interest of yours

#2 Build a website (all FREE with your training)

#3 Attract visitors (included FREE with your training)

#4 Revenue starts poring in

How Wealthy Affiliate Works

It does not matter where you live, time zone or what country you are in.

There are over 3 Billion shoppers on line looking for items and services and the income from them is easy to capture!

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to do all of this and succeed!

As long as you have a computer and can follow EASY training instructions, Wealthy Affiliate is your ticket to having a successful income! Income that comes to you even while you sleep!!

With Wealthy Affiliate, if you ever get stuck on a concept (for example let’s say you cannot come up with an interest), Wealthy Affiliate will give you tons of examples that you can choose from in the FREE training.

The important concept is to pick something that excites you or something that you would like to help others accomplish.


==>To Get The Most Advanced And Comprehensive Training FREE, Click Here!



First of all, it costs you absolutely nothing to join Wealthy Affiliate!

You may join for FREE and check them out to see if this would be a good fit for you and your family. You do not have to spend a dime.

Try their platform FREE and kick the tires. That way you will know if W.A. is right for you as many others have discovered.

There is no risk to you.

Later on, if you can see the HUGE potential they have to offer, you can decide whether you would like to join and make your future your own!

No pressure with Wealthy Affiliate. They are a CLASS ACT COMPANY!

One of the many things I love about Wealthy Affiliate is that they never pressure you to spend more money or join the premium membership.

Many people join the premium membership later after they go through the training because they can see the tremendous potential to earn an easy 6 figure yearly income.

The potential to earn a high 5 figure monthly income is easily within reach through the training on your own time. Wealthy Affiliate has the best platform in the world for beginners and seasoned professionals.

You train whenever your schedule permits.

Kyle, the owner gives amazing instruction via video and in writing. You are able to pause the videos anytime you needed to, take notes and absorb what you need to learn. You go at your own pace.

(If you have any questions about this review of WA, scroll down to the bottom and leave your comment and I will get back to your within 24 hours).



After you select a niche that you absolutely love and have knowledge in, you will want to write about your knowledge and experiences and share them with the world!

Give advice, educate others, warn others,

help people to gain knowledge about your niche that you love and are interested in.

You may enjoy sports, fitness, cooking, computers,

parenting, health and wellness, vitamins, mechanical,

poetry, religion, business opportunities, etc.  The SKY is the limit.

Write about anything that you love and share with others.  As you continue to publish short articles, your writings get index with  GOOGLE, YAHOO AND BING and move up into the search engines where eventually seen by BILLIONS of people around the world as you land on the first few pages of the search engines.

People read your articles and then link to the product or service you are recommending and purchase, which provides to you tons of commissions.

The training will provide exactly how to accomplish this step by step with Wealthy Affiliate.



At Wealthy Affiliates the owners actually offer to fly you round trip to Las Vegas, free with the lucrative Affiliate program and pay for your 5 star Hotel each year! The qualifying successful Affiliate members really look forward to this trip every year!


your choice:

#1 Join the Starter Membership for free, $0, (CLICK HERE)

#2 Join Premium Membership for $49 per month or discounted to $495 per year, (CLICK HERE)


1 FREE Website install.

* Website builder and Security Package.

* Site speed performance boost / hosting speed fast.

* Duplicate content checker.

* Access to live chat with the Wealthy Affiliate community for networking.

* 24/7 Help for the first 7 days.

* Access to keyword research tool, 30 searches

2 classrooms, 10 lessons

* Earn while you learn.

50 training modules.

* Video walk-throughs.

* Bandwidth, 1,000 visits

Joining for free allows you to kick the tires without having to invest any money of your own. Check it out! 


PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP, $49 per month, (For those who are eager for quicker success) INCLUDES:

** Double Commissions

** Earn while you learn

** 10 FREE Website installs.

** Private coaching

** 24/7 Help unlimited.

** 24/7 Website support, unlimited.

** Website builder and security package.

** Site speed performance boost / hosting speed extreme

** Duplicate content checker, spell check, grammar check.

** Access to live chat unlimited.

** Access to keyword research tool, unlimited.

** 1,000 training modules.

** Unlimited classrooms, unlimited lessons.

** Website backups, daily.

** Botnet and DDoS protection.

** Live class database, over 400.

** Bandwidth, 500,000 visits.

** Video walk-throughs.

** Competition Analysis.

** Site Rank Tracking.

** Brainstorm Engine.

** Alphabet Soup.

** Keyword List Management.

** Niche Keyword Lists.

** Affiliate Program Search.

** Affiliate Program Management.

** Training Cash Credit Program.

** Site Comment Cash Program.

** Super Affiliate Incentive.

** Private access to the owners of the Company, Kyle and Carson


You have a choice moving forward in your life to either work smart or work hard.

People who have chosen Wealthy Affiliate chose to work smart.

Training at your own pace has yielded rewards for countless individuals who have been introduced into a future of financial freedom for themselves and their families!

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND WEALTHY AFFILIATE for anyone who desires a financially successful future with freedom!

With Wealthy Affiliate this is what you could have:

**Income being generated even while you sleep!

**Time is your own as you set your own schedule!

**Travel on vacation whenever you like!

**No debt!

**No more bosses and full time jobs!

**No phone calls!

**No inventory!

No Sales or convincing!

You can obtain TOTAL FREEDOM to live your life the way YOU desire forever with Wealthy Affiliate


I sincerely hope you choose success!

Click the link below and start your NEW life for FREE with Wealthy Affiliate!!


==>To Get The Most Advanced And Comprehensive Training FREE, Click Here!


(If you have any questions about this review of WA, scroll down to the bottom and leave your comment and I will get back to your within 24 hours).





If you join the FREE starter program now, I will offer you a HUGE DISCOUNT off the PREMIUM membership for your first month.

When you decide to go Premium within a 7-day period you will receive a 59% discount!

Try it for FREE for 7 days and then upgrade to Premium for the LOW PRICE of only $19 your first month! You have NOTHING to lose and EVERYTHING to gain!


I will be contacting you soon once you are in!

CONGRATULATIONS for taking the first step to financial independence!

John Aitken

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