Project 24 Review-The Honest Good & Bad

The following is a review of An Affiliate Marketing Company called Project 24.

NAME OF Company: Project 24

Name: Project 24


Price: Minimum, $449.00 up front! (Price as of 2019) with yearly fees added on from $149-$199.

Owners: Ricky and Jim

Overall Rank: 7 out of 10

Product Overview:

Project 24 is NOT a scam! It is a legitimate Affiliate Marketing Company and program that teaches people how to become successful in this line of work of Internet Marketing through Affiliate Marketing.

Although there is another Company called Wealthy Affiliate that offers you the same training for FREE! Wealthy Affiliate is FREE to join!

Project 24 is basically proven to be a full training course for you to follow and teach you Affiliate Marketing. With this, you can learn how to operate your business online. Project 24 as mentioned above is a legitimate Company that offers you good training courses and will teach you how to make an income online.

Many people do not know where to start an online business and it can be overwhelming to select the right Business to move forward.


As I mentioned above, I will be comparing Project 24 to Wealthy Affiliate Review.


The Good & The Bad For Project 24

The Good:

Project 24 is good for beginners who would like to learn about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), how to create good content, how to build your very own website and be shown how to purchase a domain name and which hosting service to use at minimal costs.

They can take you through a teaching experience step by step to get you on the other side of success. Ricky and Jim are good teachers and the video content for training is fairly easy to follow for beginners.

If there is an update, you are informed along with the other students and can comment to get feedback. There is much to learn and the teachers always try to answer any questions that you may have as the student.

The Bad:

Project 24 charges the membership fee up front with no monthly payment plan. (OUR #1 PICK IS FREE)!

This concept of Project 24 will require LOTS of patience as you will not instantly start making money until you have been completely trained and utilize the skills they teach you.

You can cancel your membership but I did not read anywhere that your money would be refunded.

The niches can be extremely competitive on their particular training platform, so it would be wise to select better a better training platform that provides your other ideas and options to become successful.



Project 24 offers 12 main courses including 123 lessons!

They offer 60 steps to a successful website that you will be creating, how to start and create You Tube videos, how to make money through your website that you create, how to advertise your website, promoting your website, the ins and out of keyword searches to optimize your SEO rankings, and how to pick niches for Affiliate Marketing promotion of your website to name a few.

They also offer how to select keywords, brand planning and how to go about making a hit list. (don’t worry it’s safe LOL)! During this course they focus on different strategies and topics you can use for your content on your website.

Next they will teach you how to get traffic to your website and make money through the traffic.

Project 24 will give you the latest rankings on topics or niches to select from as far as the most profitable to least.



Ricky and Jim will teach you about search engine optimization (SEO) and how to improve your rankings in the GOOGLE search engines.

They claim that they teach you information that you cannot get with other Companies free training. (I beg to differ, but I am just reporting to you what was is being reviewed). Ricky and Jim will teach you the strategy to get ranked.

Project 24 will also teach you about email marketing and how you can use these lists to get traffic to your website and in turn, conversions into sales.

ALSO, in the training, they will teach you about words and how search words in your title and content are vital to getting ranked. Ricky and Jim will teach the pitfalls and give good sound advice.

Another part of the training includes how to find writers for your site and how to pay them, train them and how to include pictures relevant to your niche.

They will teach you about tools, job boards and plug ins and how to incorporate Facebook, and other platforms to get traffic into your site.

During their lesson on photography, they will teach you all about lightning, pertinent pictures for your website, shutter speeds, and all the skills needed to operate a photography affiliate marketing website.

If you are looking to get into internet marketing, photography would be one of the most important skills to have. Course nine of Project 24 focuses on teaching you how to take awesome photos for your website.

Jim and Ricky will also let you review others websites to get ideas that work and ideas to stay clear of. Sometimes the best way to learn is to see what others are doing for success and what others are doing that made them fail.

Finally, the training will include, how to improve your writing skills and speed along with how to make money by spending money on ads (where they should be placed, how often, how much).



Depending on what program you decide to join, you will be paying at least $449.00 up front.

The first year, it will cost you $449 up front (prices are as of 2019). They do not offer a monthly plan. Each year, you are asked to pay $199 additional if you decide to stay as a member with the extra benefits. They do offer specials and discounts depending on when you join so it is always wise to check back.


This depends on if you can afford the up front membership fee and if you are willing to wait many months before making an income worth being excited about!

Secondly, it will depend on if you have checked out other Affiliate Marketing Companies to compare.



There is a Company called Wealthy Affiliate which has been in business since 2005 and run by two amazing gentlemen. They are THE MOST successful Gurus on the planet when it comes to training and developing successful Affiliate Marketers. They have over 2 Million members now!

The teaching is second to none AND their platform teaches you EVERTHING Project 24 teaches and even more without having to pay a fee up front. It is FREE to join, get trained and DOES include your very own website. If you decide to join later, it is only $49 per month! You can cancel at anytime and there are no contracts to sign. Most people join for free and kick the tires to evaluate if they like the program (90% love it) before deciding to join.

Wealth Affiliate has the FASTEST SEO in the business with a rating of 99-100.

Your website can be build in 30 seconds and it is FREE (they show you how with their state-of-the-art platform).

Their training is easy to understand via video where you can pause, take notes and even ask questions.

The community of over 2 Million members are all over the world and ready to engage with you anytime you need help. You also have your very own mentor to guide you and communicate with.



Having Passive Income is very exciting because it allows you to make money even while you sleep or go on vacation!


If you would like to get started with Wealthy Affiliate it is FREE to join!


If you have any questions or comment, please either leave them below, or you can email me at I will get back to you within 24 hours.

Have a blessed day!

John Aitken







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  1. This is a very interesting post on project 24. The initial payment for the year is on the high side for the training that you receive. I prefer your alternative. Better value for money and a lot more help and training.

    • Yes, thank you Lisa! I agree and so do 2 Million other associates who have joined Wealthy Affiliate, been trained and are now making up to a wonderful 5 figure Monthly income! Better Value to join for free and kick the tires before making a decision.


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