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With all the restrictions in play not allowing College Students onto campuses, more and more students are seeking to be hired and get jobs on-line while they study in their dorm room or home.  I will give you jobs that you can apply for without having to leave your home or residence.


As you struggle through these uncertain times with various restrictions upon your every move, it is comforting and nice to know that there are avenues you can explore that will not only assist you in staying healthy, but also support your lifestyle and put extra income into your pockets.


With all that homework, tuition, purchasing books, meals, housing and or rent expenses, clothing, gas, and entertainment, you most certainly need something that will sustain you and cover all these costs.  Even better, a position that would provide you a steady and healthy income, would be outstanding and exciting!


The best solution would be to find a position where you can make an income and not have to leave your home.  Many College students are finding tremendous financial success by researching different jobs right from the comfort of their personal computer or lap top.  Today, I am going to give you recommendations to guide you into a possible career that may not only sustain you for the present time, but give you a lifetime of wealth, contentment and happiness.


Do you wish to work a job that makes you miserable, or would you rather work a job that makes you an exciting income?

It’s not really work when you’re doing something you enjoy!  Right?



#1  Become a member of a reputable Company and learn how to do Affiliate Marketing.

This idea is outstanding as long as you select the proper Company that does not charge you more money to join.  You want to select a Company that provides training at no additional cost to you and video instruction that is easily understood all inclusive with other associates who can provide assistance by answering any and all of your questions in a timely fashion.

You want to find a Company that allows you to “kick the tires” to see if it is a viable fit for your future!

With Affiliate Marketing, you can make between $10,000-$80,000 or more monthly after training with passive income opportunities  for the rest of your life (which means you can earn money EVEN WHILE YOU SLEEP)!!

You also want to make sure you read the reviews and get involved with the kind of marketing Company that has been in business for a long period of time with many success stories!

Here is a review of what I consider the BEST Affiliate Marketing Company anywhere!  They even help you set up your very own website for FREE!  Membership is also FREE to join!



#2  Write articles that you are interested in and sell them on Amazon or E bay

This is fairly self explanatory.  The key here is to pick topics that you are a qualified expert in and publish your expertise and thoughts through advertising.  You can also do this by placing ads in free papers.

Topics for example can include, dog training, how to study more efficiently, how to cook (you pick the dish), weight training, relationship improvement, you name it.  Just about anything you can think of.   People may be willing to purchase your knowledge.

#3  Write Posts or Blogs

Writing posts and Blogs can be fun if you enjoy writing and have the type of mind that is creative.  The key to writing posts and blogs are content and to keep your content informative for the reader.  It’s all about you helping your audience and readers to get something beneficial out of the information you are providing.

You can write about anything and you do not have to know a ton of information about a great deal of topics.  You can even pick just one topic to write about as long as you feel you have expertise in that area.

Many times, people will comment or ask questions at the end of your post or blog so it is important that you answer them and stay engaged with your audience.

Check out a web site called to start if this is of interest to you.  They do charge a small fee (a few dollars) but it may be well worth checking them out if this is your passion.

#4  Become a Virtual Assistant

This can be lucrative with earnings between $15 to $200 per hour depending on the Company that hires you.  There is a big range due to the variety of projects they would need you to assist with.  If you are good at Email Marketing or Managing Facebook ads, this may pay off well. There is a web site that will train you, but the cost is nearly $500.  If you are interested try

#5  Become a Proofreader

If you are very good at editing and proofreading, this can pay up to $45 per hour.  Your talent should be a background in grammar and punctuation in order to become successful in this type of work.  Check out this site at and see if there is an interest for you to move forward in this industry.

#6  Resume Writer

This can pay you anywhere between $75 to $125 per Resume.  Once again, you need to have excellent writing skills, punctuation, grammar and also a background or access to learning about how to sell an individual’s talents.  Clients are easy to find since you are already in College but you can also gain access to proofreading services, head hunters and just plain word of mouth.

#7  Tutoring

What better way to make instant income then by helping your College mates or even High School, Jr. High and Elementary Students with their homework.  You can make an income of $15-$25 per hour depending on the subject.  I wish I had a tutor in College!  You will want to pick subjects you excel in and get the word out through Emails and even advertising in papers.

#8  Taking Survey’s On-Line

The pay is smaller but it is quicker.  You can earn up to $15-$20 by taking each survey.  Some smaller surveys pay smaller amounts, as an example, under a dollar, but they are also easier and not as involved. Go to and check out some of the possibilities.

#9  Entering Data for Companies

The pay is about $15-$20 per hour depending on the Company.  You do not need any special skills to do this except typing.  It is a relaxing kick back job.  The only disadvantage to this is that the work can be inconsistent.  If you can find Companies who need steady work then you can depend on a paycheck.  Check out for leads and ideas.

#10  Work from Home Secretary

During these trying times, there are Companies that need help with filing on line, typing, customer calls, emailing clients, setting up appointments, planning, recording, tabulating data, tracking deadlines for the boss, writing appraisals and reviews, business surveys and a whole lot more!  The pay can be anywhere between $15-$40 per hour depending on the establishment that hires you.

Your skill set should be  outstanding organizational abilities, excellent follow through, type A personality and detail oriented.

Check out for an update.



There will be more opportunities and growth for you coming soon.  Keep reading my posts and I will continue to help you find the path to success and wealth you are seeking.

My number one choice is listed above.

Check out the review here

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below or email me at  and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

Have a blessed day!

John Aitken

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  1. Wow, thanks for the awesome post! Agreed there are numerous opportunities in the online world that allow us work from home and make some great fortune from doing that. I have always loved to work at home and most jobs I do while at home include freelance writing, tutoring, and affiliate marketing. I realized I would need some extra revenue source while building an affiliate marketing business.

    • Hi Israel,   

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my article called, “On-line jobs hiring College students.”  It is amazing how many opportunities there are awaiting College Students, if they examine what is out there being offered.  Affiliate marketing is one great opportunity for those students who wish to earn a great income while going to school and not have to carry any inventory, sell or purchase products.  As more College students become aware of affiliate marketing through Wealthy Affiliate, there will be some very top earners even before they graduate.


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