Is Keala Kanae a Scam or Legitimate-Details Here

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Here is my honest review of Keala Kanae from Fullstaq Marketer


TITLE:  How to Entrepreneur / Fullstaq Marketer.

PRICE: $997.00 (to start)!  It goes up from there.

OWNER: Keala Kanae.

OVERALL RANK: 3 out of 5 stars.

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PRODUCT / SERVICE OVERVIEW:  Keala Kanae with Fullstaq Marketer is hoping you will commit to paying $997.00 to join and be taught how to work from home and make lots of income.  This is basically Affiliate Marketing where you purchase training material at additional costs to learn the business of Affiliate Marketing.  You will be asked to pay for other training materials and advertising as you progress through the process and program.



  • Mr. Kanae has a wealth of knowledge about Affiliate Marketing.  The business for him is extremely successful.
  • You are offered a money back guarantee in 14-30 days depending on what program you purchase.  (A phone call will be insisted upon in order to get your refund by an associate of the Company).
  • The extra courses offered are very detailed and thorough.
  • Commissions offered are good and can be as high as 50 percent or even more.
  • They teach you how to get the customers to your site which means that at the promotion level, they will assist you.
  • There are lots of training modulus that they offer.
  • Their rating with the BBB at the time this was reviewed is a B rating.


  • EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE with all the add on training courses and software that one must purchase, it can cost your well over $5,000.00!! (you can join other A Plus Companies out there for FREE and STILL get the training, instruction and your web site at NO CHARGE)!
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  • It can take a long time to realize success in making money as an Affiliate Marketer.  You must be patient and have the resources to learn a HUGE amount of information before realizing profits.
  • Other investments into running ads with paid advertising can get very expensive (although you can make tons of money if you have enough to invest for the long haul).


If you are financially set and can up front nearly a thousand dollars and then purchase more materials totaling several thousands more, are patient, can wait and study hard through the learning curve, it will be possible to earn money with Fullstaq Marketer.


In short, no it is not.  Mr. Kanae is a successful business man in the industry of Affiliate Marketing and knows how to communicate and sell his forum.  Mr. Kanae is very good at his craft and he has much knowledge dealing with Affiliate Marketing and his industry.

I have shown below how Affiliate Marketing woks.  Basically, you get paid by promoting other services and businesses on the internet.  It sounds easy but there are so many techniques to learn and it does not come overnight!  This is an understatement.  It can take awhile depending how much time you decide to put in every day.

There are billions and billions of people on line every day looking for products and services.  There are also millions of Affiliate Marketers competing for clicks and commissions.  The trick is to be on that first page or in the top 20 so others see your ads.  Fullstaq Marketer will teach how this is done during the training you purchase.  Some of this training will involve purchasing ads.

How affiliate marketing works



Can you make big money working with Fullstaq Marketer?  Yes of course.

Are there Cons to joining this organization?  In my opinion, yes!

Although the training is very good, in my opinion, it is way too expensive for the beginner who wants to absorb correctly everything about Affiliate Marketing and perform successfully and correctly.

It takes time to learn everything needed to become a successful Affiliate Marketer.  The language for a beginner can be intimidating unless you have a team of associates to guide you through, step by step and click by click to achieve your financial goals!

Your time is valuable and time is money!  To waste it on something that is sub par would be a shame.  I have reviewed and researched thousands of concepts and Companies because I am very organized and persistent and only want the best for my family and you, my readers!  Check out the very best Affiliate Marketing Company with RAVE reviews below!

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Stay healthy and wealthy my friends and make smart decisions!

John Aitken


2 thoughts on “Is Keala Kanae a Scam or Legitimate-Details Here”

  1. Hi John,

    Great review. I have never heard of this platform but seems like it might be good training if you put the work in. Especially compared to other high ticket platforms. Personally this is out of my price range and I think your suggestion for WA is spot on. I have been a member since January – I paid for an annual membership and May and very happy with their training so far.

    • Thank you Alex!
      Yes, Wealthy Affiliate has been outstanding with their training and support. It’s great to find a platform so excellent and costs practically nothing to learn and earn a substantial income. Welcome to the family!


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