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Hello my friends!

Society seems to teach us instant gratification.  I want instant income now!!  We want to feel good right NOW!  We want what we want, and I mean yesterday!!   Zero to 60 in 3 seconds!  Tastes that pop instantly!  HIGH SPEED internet is another example.  We do NOT want to wait for anything!  We want that pay raise NOW!  We don’t want to clean the house, but rather have someone else do it for us NOW!


In our industry, patience is a virtue. The benefits of Wealthy Affiliate is WORTH waiting for. All things work together for the good for those called according to His purpose! “His” refers to Wealthy Affiliate and the training!  Sticking to the day by day training WILL pay off and give you that gratification. It will not be instant, but the journey will be well worth it.  You can even earn a passive income which pays you even while you sleep or on vacation!


Look at it this way my good friends: Each day that you accomplish a task or a lesson in training, is considered and should be looked at as instant gratification! That way, you will feel one step closer to achieving your goals because you will be!


Each and every day, pat yourself on the back when you finish a simple task in training. This is called success. You are NOT a failure. You are NOT behind! You are right where you need to be…..celebrate that my friends every day because you are part of an amazing affiliate program.  Instant income will not happen overnight, but with the proper FREE training, your income will be on going and consistent.

Be forever blessed my friends!

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John Aitken

6 thoughts on “Instant Income Now-Our Top Recommendation”

  1. Hello John, thank you for sharing such a useful article. You are right, we want things to happen fast.  Society where we live teaches us like that, but unfortunately it is not possible, even online. I started working from home 3 years ago.  I wanted instant results and was only falling.   Now I learned that we must work hard and long to see success happen.

    • Thank you for sharing your story here.  I am very glad you stuck with the persistence and did not give up.  Financial success comes to those who are patient, utilize the training, and do not give up.  We are living proof of this concept. Plus, having passive income rolling in while we sleep is FANTASTIC!  

  2. Hi John

    I really enjoyed reading your article to know more about Instant Income Now.  I agree with you 100 per cent, many people around the world want everything right now!  People get sad and mad when they see something is not working the way they want right now!  Happiness, the perfect job, the perfect half orange, the perfect career, and they also want to start a business that will make money today.  They are not willing to work day after day to build something that will work great within time and good work.  They want it now and with this, they want to find a way that will help them to start making money on the internet today, and big money! lol. 

    It’s good that all members at the great community with Wealthy Affiliate know how to start from zero to create an affiliate marketing website and how to create new content (evergreen).  We share everyday how our sites start to grow and make money.  First it might be only some cents, but as we keep working, our websites will work better and the sky is the limit, but only if you are willing to work hard and every single day!

    • What a great comment and insight you have on the money making opportunity that matures over time.  You are correct in that success comes to those who put in the time.  I often explain to look ahead 3-6 months from now and ask yourself if you can put in the part time work to yield a successful financial reward at the end of that time for the rest of your life.  If the answer is yes, then they can and will become financially successful.  Making money on the internet is a reality and can be done successfully by anyone who puts in the time.  Wealthy Affiliate provides the easy training to accomplish this goal!  

  3. Building a business is no different than achieving any other goal.  It takes perseverance and hard work. To make this easier, it is good to use a goal-setting system such as the SMART system. You can then monitor your goals and see if you are being successful and that your business is growing as you want it too.

    • Thank you for your comment.  I like the fact that you suggested a SMART system for setting goals.  We always need to have a goal and a purpose to accomplish and push ourselves to the next successful level.  Perseverance and hard work as you mention is key.  This is not a get-rich-quick scheme but rather a legitimate awesome money making opportunity that will yield financial success for many years to come! 


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