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I have worked many jobs in my life including 9 AM to 5 PM, graveyard shifts, commission only work, owned my own Corporation and just about anything you can imagine! Now that I am over 60 and finally grew up, I realized that there was a better way to bring in a fantastic income, and I mean Lots of money!

I wanted a steady income but I did NOT want to have to sell, carry inventory, call people, order products, depend on others (multi-level marketing schemes), or have to continue to hunt for new business day after day in order to receive my next paycheck.

I also did NOT know how to set up a website. If this was required, I would need help.

Finally, I did not have much money to invest into a new internet business, hence my future looked bleak! I was destined to work the rest of my life selling water treatment door to door and Managing my Lead Generators. At my age and living in the desert, I probably would not last long. I needed something that would provide me a steady income from home and keep me out of that harsh desert weather!

My goal was to have PASSIVE INCOME that would pay me EVEN WHILE I SLEPT and well into my later years in life. I needed a money stream to continue flowing in day after day and year after year no matter how old I was and beyond to take care of my family!

Plus, I desired to move out of the desert and over to the beach to enjoy my retirement years!




There are a variety of ways for you to make an income in the comfort of your home. Some means offer a side income. Other avenues offer a steady income. As I mentioned above, I wanted and needed a steady passive income to support my family for many years.


As I started researching the internet, I found all kinds of scams and ploys to get my money. I read the horror stories and reviews of innocent people like me and you being ripped off by these scam artists who make everything sound too good to be true!


Thankfully after many days of searching and reading and actually calling and talking to people,





What I found was a gold mine in this industry. Wealthy Affiliate checked off all the boxes I was looking for!

I did not even know what Affiliate Marketing was. I was a complete rookie when I started.

FINALLY, a Company with experience, an excellent rating, fantastic reviews, a second to none support system and all the bells and whistles anyone could ask for that is looking to make a consistent living and a great one at that!

Plus, as I mentioned above they have been in Business for over 15 years and have an A PLUS rating! This says a lot nowadays  since so many Internet Companies come and go. Some just take your money and you never hear from them again.

Such a shame and a LOT of work to do the research to find the right one!

I have done this research for you and today. There is a reason you have landed on my page. I believe in fate! Do you?




* Free Membership to join!

* Complete thorough training (step by step and click by click)

* Free Website included that THEY build for you!

* 24/7 support and assistance with technical issues!

* 2 Million other members around the world available to chat with or call!

* A mentor to answer all of your questions!

* Guaranteed success!

* Examples of what works in the industry!

* No selling or convincing!

* Passive Income Opportunity! (earn while you sleep)!!

* No inventory to carry or products to ship!

* No products to order!

* No dependence on others to make money!



Earning Potential after the Free training is $10,000-$80,000 monthly!

The reason I joined Wealthy Affiliate was, of course due to all these wonderful reasons above, but mostly because I spoke with several of the members that are part of the Wealthy Affiliate program and family. They had nothing but excellent reviews about the program and shared with me just how successful they had become.

There was never a time when Wealthy Affiliate pressured me to pay a fee and join their premium membership, which was only $49 per month (they even offered me a $30 discount on my first month for only $19)! I could cancel at anytime and was not obligated to continue.

Every member who joins Wealthy Affiliate gets to try out the program at no cost for themselves just to see if it can work for them. I liked that a lot because I had NOTHING to lose!

The value I saw in this Company was second to none. After about 2 weeks I decided to continue my training and set my goals to make over $50,000 per month. I am right on track and am very close to quitting my full time job and telling my boss, BYE!!


I love these two quotes: “If you want something you’ve never had before, you have to DO something you’ve never done before!” Also, “a quitter never wins and a winner NEVER quits!”

Speaking for myself, I am grateful to Wealthy Affiliate for their honesty, integrity and trustworthiness.

If you have any questions or would like to speak to me directly, you can either leave your comment / question below or email me at tlcseminar@yahoo.com I will get back to you within a 24 hour period.

Here is a comprehensive review of Wealthy Affiliate.

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  1. Hi, 

    I was drawn to your article based on your recommendation -wealthy affiliate. Good platform, they are one of the best platforms to learn affiliate marketing. Their training is good and the community is comprised of other affiliate marketers who are ready to help. Top of it is their website hosting platform for members 

    • Hello!  Thanks for your in-tune comment about Wealthy Affiliate.  Yes, you are right in that Wealthy Affiliate offers a platform that is amazingly strong!  The community is extremely helpful and communicative.  The speed of which their website platform was designed cannot be compared to anyone else in the affiliate marketing industry. I have become one of the coaches and am helping others achieve their financial goals with successful ongoing training.  I hope you enjoy your day and stay profitable and safe.


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