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One of the reasons people are not successful with internet marketing is because the give up too quickly. It is human nature to want instant gratification these days due to the speed of business and just the world in general.

When I was a kid,

we did not even have microwaves and remote T.V. controls. Everything was planned and took time.

In much the same way, internet marketing can can take time to succeed. If you are a patient person, willing to work hard and smart, you can succeed with online.

I will give you my recommendations on Affiliate Marketing companies that are legitimate where you can become successful in just a bit.


In order to succeed, you have to have the mind set that you ARE going to NEVER give up! There are many online platforms out in internet land that are legitimate and real.

There are also many business online that are scams that hook you in with a low fee and then hit you with expensive items you need to purchase in order to become successful. I am not saying you cannot become successful with these online companies, but it can leave a soar taste in the consumers mouth.

Also, in order to become successful online, you will need to do some research on the business you select. Although reviews can be bias and not genuine, but if you search wide and far, you can get a sense of how legitimate and successful the business is.

You can also call or email the business to speak with someone to get a better feel before you join their platform.


Let’s list them here:

* Patience

* Perseverance

* Motivation

* Follow through

* Able to follow instructions

* Some computer experience

* Time

* Focus

* A small investment prior to making an income

* Communication skills (mostly written word)

* A quiet place to work

* The ability to reach out and ask questions

* Desire to be self-employed

I could go on about the characteristics that are fitting to successful marketers but you, I am sure get what I am talking about.



The best internet marketing is AFFILIATE MARKETING where you recommend products and services that others sell. By doing this, you get paid a commission by the owners of the product and service that you recommend.

Some Companies will pay you only 1-3% commissions while others pay much more (up to 80% commission) on each and every product you refer your customer to.

Affiliate marketing is definitely the best way to make online income!



Of course, this depends on what kind of affiliate marketing you are getting involved with. There are many companies that do not require you to own a website as they will provide their own for you! Other platforms will require you to have a website in order to blog your posts and information to move up into the search engines of GOOGLE, YAHOO and BING.




The first one is:



The second one is:



Both of these business will provide you an excellent income with their successful platforms.



The Home Business Academy’s 30-Minute Workday is special because it provides income more immediately with recurring, passive success. They have an excellent step by step detailed training program and a very helpful community of members.

They also have been in business since 2016 providing online success with their funnel business that provides freedom through wealth building.

You will not need a website with 30-Minute Workday as they offer you their proven funnel that will convert sales for you as you utilize their platform sending out one email per day to your list.

When your customers click on your link they will go to a capture page, landing page and then an offer page where they can become a member and you will earn 80% commissions. Your success depends on your work ethic. If you are able to follow simple instructions, you can succeed with this affiliate marketing company.


With Wealthy Affiliate, you will need a website in order to promote your products and or services that you recommend to the public online. The good news is that Wealthy Affiliate will provide you an awesome website (state of the art) for promoting you niche.

Wealthy Affiliate is well-established as they have been in business since 2005 with over 2 million people signing up as a member. They also offer excellent training and a community of members who are extremely helpful with their pay it forward mentality.

Wealth Affiliate can take time to earn an income as you must be patient by publishing your articles and waiting for the GOOGLE search engines to recognize you, index you and promote you to the first page where hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions of customers can read what you are recommending.

Passive and recurring income is also an excellent possibility with Wealthy Affiliate but you will need to be patient. This can take anywhere between 90 days to one full year depending on your niche and product or service that you select to promote.






The Home Business Academy’s 30-Minute Workday is very affordable in that they only require a one time fee of $27 to join and start training. They will also offer you the 50 greatest emails in the world that convert sales for you for only a one time charge of $17. This is an optional purchase but well worth it.

If you decide to use their funnel, you will pay a membership fee of only $25 per month. You will make a $20 Commission (80%) for every customer that becomes a member every month (recurring income).

Also, if you desire to become a premium member, you will make 5 times the amount of money and be paid $120 per member that signs up every month (recurring income) that can add up to an easy 5 figure income monthly for only $125 per month.



Wealthy Affiliate has a FREE entry membership that will include your very own website. They will offer you a 7-day trial. From there you can decide if you want all the bells and whistles they offer you to get your articles published automatically with GOOGLE, YAHOO and BING.

Wealthy Affiliate offers you are premium membership for $49 per month and a premium plus membership for $99 per month.



I am encouraging you to click on the links above to get more additional information about both of these successful online businesses. They both will provide a successful internet marketing platform where you can succeed.

Many individuals are able to work BOTH platforms because with The 30-Minute Workday, they teach you how to work smart and not hard. It will only take 30 minutes per day and your income (emails) will be opened through the day and sales conversions done for you while you are at the beach, on vacation or just sleeping.

Wealthy Affiliate will take some hard work and many months before you see results but it can be well worth the wait.

Hopefully, the information provided to you was helpful and encouraging.

Best wishes to you and your family with blessings!

John Aitken

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  1. So far I haven’t heard of THE 30-MINUTE WORKDAY. I have been a WA member for two years, this takes me all the time. Unfortunately, I don’t have the money to try THE 30-MINUTE WORKDAY, being retired. But I think WA offers everything you need to succeed, provided you comply with the factors described by you excellently.

    • Thanks for stopping by Carmen and commenting on my article, “How to succeed with internet marketing.”  Hopefully at the two year mark you are now making a six figure income with Wealthy Affiliate.  I understand that it can take time to make the kind of money you set out to make.  If you ever want immediate income and recurring income of $3000 within 90 days that pays month after month, consider joining with over 61,000 others, The Home Business Academy at the 30-Minute Workday where wealth building is fun and allows more freedom to explore the desires of your heart in life.

  2. Hi John

    I really enjoyed reading your post.

    I know about Wealthy  Affiliate and I agree with all that you are saying regarding the fact that you need to write regular posts and hope that the search engines will pick them and index them.  Wealthy Affiliate provides a wonderful helpful community and loads of fantastic training.

    I have not heard about the 30 minute work day and you certainly gave it a good review and indeed it sounds very interesting and valuable.

    Thank you for your effort.

    I wish you loads of success in internet marketing

    Best wishes Sheen

    • Hello Sheen,

      Thanks for your nice comment on my article, How to succeed with internet marketing.  Yes, I am glad you found my article to be interesting and valuable.  Those who are serious about making a great income with recurring, passive and a steady positive profitable stream should consider exploring The 30-Mintue Workday.  They teach freedom through wealth building and how to work smart not hard.  Many of the members have realized an income within 48 hours after training by using their freedom launch pad formula and funnel builder which does all of the sales process for you. I understand that writing posts and thousands of words each and every week can be gruesome and take away from the freedom we are all trying to achieve.  That being said, yes, Wealthy Affiliate is a legitimate and wonderful platform for those who can be patient and love to publish.  


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