How to Publish an Article Online – 5 Best Tips


Creating a quality article to be published in the search engines of GOOGLE, YAHOO and BING can be more difficult that what most people realize.

We will discuss here, how to publish an article online and provide to you the very best tips to get your article indexed and noticed.

The goal of anyone publishing an online article is to move your information to the first page of the search engines so millions of eyes will see your offer or whatever product or service you are recommending.


TIP #1:

When creating your online article, make sure you use quality pictures to add flavor and eye appeal for your reader. By leaving out relevant pictures, you risk having your reader get bored where they might lose interest.

Keep your pictures relevant to the subject at hand or whatever you are writing about. Some authors like to place the pictures to the left, some to the right and other will place them in the middle. This is simply your preference.

Also, when creating a picture for your article, make sure the image is not too large. Keep it small to medium as you do not want to overwhelm the verbiage you are trying to convey.

The number of pictures that you place in your article is also important. You do not want to over-do the pictures to out-weigh the content. Space your pictures throughout your article where there might be a need to fill in.


TIP #2:

The spacing of your paragraphs is also important when creating online publishing so do not write more than 4 lines at a time without spacing your sentences and paragraphs to give your readers eyes to adjust and keep focused.

Too many sentences without proper spacing will bore your reader and lose their attention.


TIP #3:

Make certain you use headings in bold and large print. Usually H3 size is the best for GOOGLE to receive higher SEO ratings. You do not want to write more than 5 paragraphs before using another heading or GOOGLE may penalize you in the SEO ratings.

When you separate one heading from the other, make sure you space them apart and do not have each topic and heading smashed up against each other.


TIP #4:

it is always best to have an interlink or two when creating your article.

This simply means while you are publishing your content, make sure you have a link for your customer to click on that takes them to another article in your website that you have already created.

GOOGLE, YAHOO and BING give you a higher rating in the search engines when you interlink your articles to other articles in the same website you own.


TIP #5:

Whenever possible, include an outbound link to another website when publishing your online work.

The search engines favor your even more when you include BOTH interlinks and out bound links.

If you do not yet have another article that you have published, you can always create an article that is entitled, “About The Author” and include that link at the end of your article below your signature.



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