How to Generate Income Online-Easy Steps



Thanks to modern technology, there are now platforms online where you can generate a healthy income that can become recurring month after month.

Sites that offer a funnel business can provide you a steady flow of income as long as the platform gives value to its customers.

There are also businesses online where you can make a great income, passively month after month without using a funnel business concept model.

These businesses usually require a Website in order to effectively generate trust.

Today we are going to discuss the steps you would need to take in order to establish an online income stream.




STEP #1 You need to read reviews on the different online businesses that offer you a membership and way to earn income directly and with recurring options.




Click on the above link to read about The Home Business Academy, 30-Minute Workday program that offers a wonderful recurring income at an affordable membership fee.

STEP #2 You will need to assess your budget as there will be fees to pay in order to join a legitimate business online that can provide you a way to earn commissions.

Membership fees can run from $25 monthly all the way to $199 per month depending on the offer and business. There may be other one time fees for products and services they offer which can be worth the purchase.

Remember, many sites will offer you higher commissions if you purchase certain products and services.

Also, keep in mind that in many cases, these online businesses will pay your larger amounts of commission depending on what level you decide to join.

For example,

with The 30-Minute Workday as mentioned above, they have a $25 per month membership fee where they pay you 80% commission on everyone who you bring in. That means you would make $20 per person that signs up underneath you.

Every month you would continue to receive $20 from every single person that has become a member referred by you.

The 30-Minute Workday also offers a Premium Membership of $125 per month which pays you 80% commission. This way you can make five times more income! Every time you refer a member under the premium membership, you will be paid, $100 per person and this will continue to be paid to you every singe month as long as that member stays.

As you can see,

joining a premium membership can certainly pay off and provide an excellent recurring income month after month.

STEP #3 Decide which business platform to join and dive in!

STEP#4 Start your training with the company you have joined. All legitimate online businesses will have good training and a step by step procedure to make sure you are set up properly for success.


A good online business will also offer you 1 on 1 personal assistance. The 30-Mintue Workday does offer this to its community of members if they want assistance in getting set up, or if someone is not able to do any of the tech computer set up / start up.

Also, you will want to join a community that conducts regular training or zoom calls or even a community where fellow associates hang out online to give each other support, advice and assistance.

The 30-Minuite Workday does provide all of these benefits for its members.




When reading reviews on the different companies, always be aware that many of the reviews and writings may be slanted in order to get you to join their recommended platform.

An honest review can be difficult to find, hence my advice to anyone looking into making an online recurring income is to actually speak on the phone with another human that is already working the platform or is a member. That way you can gauge their sincerity and it will provide you a contact or mentor if you need any future assistance.

The 30-Minute Workday also provides this human interaction.


The Home Business Academy is involved with FEED THE STARVING CHILDREN. To date, they have provided about 170,000 meals to children who are starving. This is a great cause!

They also pay a whopping 80% commission on their platform which is extremely generous in the online world of the internet. Part of the proceeds on the membership go to feed the starving children.





Many newbies are fearful of failure and never make the decision to dive into the online world.

In step #3 we learned that it is important to make a decision and then go for it. Even if you fail, at least you will have learned and grown further that those who sit on the sidelines.

I would encourage you to check out The 30-Minute Workday as they are a legitimate business concept that has provided to over 61,000 of its members a way to increase their income with a positive cash flow encompassing recurring income.

Blessings to you and your family!





8 thoughts on “How to Generate Income Online-Easy Steps”

  1. Hello john,
    Im sofia..Thank you for sharing..very inspiring! you’re absolutely make a decision and step forward on it …to choose and make a decision and start to generate income online…thank you so much.for giving such a good lead…for newbies like me..moving forward to it..god bless!

    • Thanks Sofia for commenting on my article, How to Generate Income Online-Easy Steps. Many people have a fear of failure to step forward and take that chance to improve their lifestyle. I do have compassion for those you lack the self confidence to strive for success online. The good news is that with both platform, Wealthy Affiliate and The 30-Minute Workday through the Home Business Academy, everyone who becomes a member will get the support, love and assistance they need to become a superstar online Affiliate.

  2. Hi John. Very interesting article. Im just starting my adventure with digital marketing and posts like this are extremely helpful. To be fair I have never heard before about 30-Minute Workday platform, but looking on your review it’s a great starting point for all beginners. Looking forward to test it in practice.

    • Hello Cogito!  Thanks for commenting on my article, “How to generate income online – easy steps.  I appreciate the kind words you offered.  The 30-Minute Workday concept has been around for about 15 years but Nick, the founder has been promoting it since about 2016.  With over 61,000 members and growing every day it appears they have what it takes to make many online seekers successful in their business.  Since 30-Minute Workday is a Funnel business, you are able to run any niche and concept through the business creating several streams of income.

  3. It all starts with a decision. It’s the first step in all fields. Then there’s research, deliberation, comparison. I agree with you that the safest way to verify the success of certain Online businesses is to have first-hand information. I’m a member of the WA family and I’m pleased with the organization of the platform itself, training, support, mentoring. Often you see posts about colleagues’ achievements, which is very motivating and inflates hope. Choose wisely who you work with!

    • Hello Jas!  Thanks for leaving a positive comment about my article, “How to generate income online – easy steps.”  I am very glad you are approving of Wealthy Affiliate and their platform.  I have heard wonderful comments from other satisfied members who enjoy the community and how much support, training and mentoring they receive.  It truly is a pay-it-forward community of associates who strive not only for self success, but in helping others achieve their goals.

  4. Thank you for this review of The 30-Minute Workday.  With memberships starting at $25 a month, it very affordable and the 80% commission is awesome.  I could come close to paying for my entire membership by signing up ONE PERSON!!!  What other platform does that?  And their dedication to charity attests to their character.  I’m in!!

    • Hello Cynthia!  

      Thanks for your nice comment on my article, “How to generate income online – easy steps.”  The 30-Minute Workday does pay very well and you are correct in stating that making profit is quite easy with their platform / funnel business.  

      They also offer a premium membership that pays 80% where the community can make 5 X the amount of income by helping others join the platform.  

      They offer a way to get an Auto Responder which really makes life easy allowing the members to work smart and not hard.  The funnel builder can be used to run any niche through the business making success much easier!  


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