Getting Out Of Debt -Great Tips to Help You

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Are you in debt? Most people have debt. Some individuals have 2–5 different credit cards and they are just about all maxed out. Others have 20-30 credit cards just about maxed out. Still, others have debt but continue to have some room on each of their cards for charging and emergency situations.



The road to being debt free comes at a price and that price is called discipline. This is not necessarily a fun characteristic to implement but it IS a necessary one if you desire to live debt free.

I’m sure you know that Credit Cards charge HUGE interest rates and many even have annual fees to pay. In order to start your journey towards freedom of debt, you must realize that interest payments are an EVIL attack on you! Every time you charge something and do not pay it back in full, you are paying MORE for that product and service than what you agreed to. Do NOT pay interest month after month!





Cash is king and you must start somewhere! Start by focusing on your highest interest rate credit card. Start paying TWICE per month and even MORE than the minimum payment to bring the balance down. For example, choose one of your cards and pay it on the first and the fifteenth every month. Pay that card 10-20% of the balance every two weeks. If you can pay more, do it! If you can do this with ALL of your credit cards, you will be better off and save money in the long run.

Once a credit card has been paid off, DO NOT charge anything on that card unless you can pay it back in FULL next month.


Watch how much your credit score increases as your balances from your credit cards gradually come down! It’s amazing how much you can improve your credit rating by lowering your balance on your credit cards and increasing your purchasing power

The credit bureaus look a several things, including how much credit you have AVAILABLE! The more credit you have available, the higher your score goes!


Once you have paid off your credit card or credit cards, it is a GREAT idea to call your credit card company and request a credit increase! This is important because if approved, your credit score will continue to increase. The reason it increases is that you now have MORE available credit. BEWARE though as this is the time to have DISCIPLINE and NOT charge anything ever again unless you can pay for it in full the next month. If you do not follow this principle, you will end up right back where you started!

I will have more on this topic in the future. I hope this helps some of you who are looking to get out of debt and increase your credit score!

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2 thoughts on “Getting Out Of Debt -Great Tips to Help You”

  1. This is very useful information, a lot of people we see around are drowning in debts and it is very hard that they are not able to get out of it.  Debt can make it really hard for you to live a better life. Getting out of debt is a resourceful information and it’ll be of immense benefits to a lot of us, it’s thoughtful of you to share.

    • I agree with you that drowning in debt makes life very difficult.  It adds so much pressure to all of us day to day.  Following these simple steps of paying off credit cards in full and increasing your score by getting more credit lines which have no annual fees is a great way to improve ones situation as long as they pay the cards in full every month and do not charge more than what they have saved.  Thanks for stopping by my Website!


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