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The metrics below breakdown the most important aspects of a quality keyword:

#1.  Searches Per Month.  This will give you an idea of how many people per month are searching for those exact words in the search engines.  The more searches, the more traffic you will receive on your page or article.

#2  Keyword Quality Index (KQI).  The KQI will let you know if your word or phrase is great, normal or a poor outcome as far as your words getting indexed.

#3  Quoted Search Results (QSR).  The QSR is awesome and the BEST because it measures your competition on the words you are deciding whether to implement.  You want your QSR to be under 300 ideally but even better if it is under 200!  This simply means your have LESS competition on that word.  The lower the number, the lower the competition.

#4  The Power of SEO (search engine optimization).  You want to know if the keyword you are using is a highly ranked keyword that will soar in the SEO and get you good indexed rankings.  The higher the ranking you receive, the more money you can make!  You will receive more traffic if you utilize Jaaxy search results and select the best keywords to get you on the first page of GOOGLE, Yahoo and Bing.