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Today, more than ever, people are turning to the internet and seeking online work. There are many reasons for this.

The uncertainty of the economy, job security, health as in the Pandemic and raising children.

The question becomes, can you find an easy work from home job that you can perform AND make money all at the same time.


In early 2020, I was working as a General Manager and Water Treatment Specialist. I was making enough income to support my family but then the Pandemic hit us all and I was put on Furlough.

Several months went by and the only way to survive was to apply and collect unemployment. When summer came, I went stir crazy not knowing if the Company I had been faithful to would ever open again.

At that time, I started researching other opportunities online where I could work from home AND make an income to support my family. By making this decision, I was also protecting the health of my family by not going out and getting exposed.

My experience online was ZERO! I barely know where the on button was on the computer, let along copy and paste, send emails or define what a link was.

I joined a company called




After doing some major research, I found them to be very credible and legitimate. I learned they were a blogging or writing platform in the Affiliate Marketing niche (another term I had never heard).


I decided to join and start training. As I writer by nature, I thought this would be a great fit and I was hoping to earn enough money to support my family. As you can see by my website,

I am now accomplished with nearly 100 published articles to date and almost all of them indexed by GOOGLE, YAHOO and BING.

While I was working as an affiliate Marketer, I also found another platform in the Affiliate Marketing niche called,


They advertised that the business offered an easy way to earn income from home by using their sales funnel. In this Company, you do not need a website because most everything is already set up for their members.

I did not even know what a sales funnel was before I decided to join.

After joining The 30-Minute Workday,

I began training and going through the step by step modals to learn how to make sales and promote their sales funnel called, Freedom Launch Pad.

The training was excellent and I learned how to incorporate a 30-Minute Workday into my schedule and also keep my Wealthy Affiliate work from home opportunity.

The Home Business Academy’s 30-Minute Workday offered me a free 188-page E-books that explained the principles of making an online living and doing it with ease.

I found that this work from home job was fun and exciting because in my first week I made nearly $600! In fact, one morning, I woke up, turned on my computer and found that I have made PASSIVE INCOME of $400!

Money is not everything,

but it sure helps when you can pay off all your debt and live a life full of freedom through wealth. Since then after joining The 30-Minute Workday Platform, I have been able to make a healthy recurring income month after month and am now showing other how to incorporate this business into their life.


You will wake up, push a traffic button on your computer, send out ONE email already written for you that will go to thousands (all done for you), then wait and see the arriving income in your back office site that they set up for you!

With their convenient Auto Responder this is made possible so you can send your email out to thousands of prospective buyers all at the same time.

The Sales funnel they offer you can be utilized with ANY niche you select such as health and wellness, fitness, cooking, gardening, parenting beauty money making opportunities, you name it.

They offer funnel templates so you can easily incorporate your niche into any sales process all the while being trained step by step.


Once you get trained, you will only have to work 30 minutes per day.

The rest of your time can be spent doing WHAT YOU LOVE TO DO WITH TOTAL FREEDOM!

Spend time with your family.

Work out and improve your health.

Give back and serve your community.

Take a vacation or travel.

Visit friends and help them achieve their goals.

Start another business or project.

Read a great book, or anything you enjoy.



Without a huge money stream coming in to you to support you and your family, you will not have the FREEDOM to do all the things you were meant to do in life!

Working countless hours every day, week after week and month after month is not what you were meant to do.



The 30-Minute Workday provides you the income to work smart (only 30 minutes per day) not hard like everyone else.

To become successful, you need to be a person of value for others. When you offer value to others and solutions to their problems, YOU become successful and so do they!



The 30-Minute Workday platform is married with Home Business Academy and they donate money every week to the “Feed my starving children project.”

Thus, far, they have produced nearly 180,000 meals to date!



There are easy work from home jobs online and many of them are not legitimate or scams but I have found two that are legitimate in Wealthy Affiliate and The 30-Minute Workday.

With Wealthy Affiliate it is important to keep writing and publishing your articles so you can move up into the search engines of the tech giants. It is also imperative that you are patient in earning the continuity income we all desire. It will happen but your website (they will provide you one) must mature.

With the 30-Minute Workday, you can start making an online income fairly easily and rather quickly with their sales funnel.

I sincerely hope I was able to assist you and shed some light on these opportunities for your work at home future.

If you would like to leave a comment or have a question below, do not hesitate and I will respond.

Have a blessed day!


John Aitken

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