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Once you find a legitimate Sales Funnel Business that converts sales FOR YOU, grab it quickly. There are many companies out there that advertise a sales funnel, but which one should you choose to gain you residual income?




If you think of a funnel as in a tornado

or by noticing the picture to the right,

you can see that by pouring the water into the funnel,

it goes through a filter (maybe coffee) and the water turns into the tea or coffee or whatever the funnel contains in order to receive the desired outcome.

The water can pass through one stage or many stages in order to gain the properties of the end result.

In the same way,

when you join a company that offers a sales funnel,

the company will take you through a process (funnel) in order to accommodate

your success from a newbie to a veteran making an online income!

As you, the consumer passes through the funnel or funnels,

you become more involved and successful with the platform you joined.

A funnel is

a process of getting the consumer

to purchase at the top of the funnel,

a product or online service

and then move them through the funnel to bigger and better offers

that will make the consumer

even more money on their journey

to making an online income working from home.

As the consumer or member goes into the sales funnel,

the more committed they usually become and usually,

the more income they can potentially receive.

Most all funnels have an offer where the customer pays an initial

fee to join that is attractive and not costly.

From there, the customer can move

into more substantial offers

which can in turn provide

more online income to the member.


Online sales funnels can benefit you simply because most all

the work is done FOR YOU!

You do not have to design any copy or illustrations.

You do not have to do any selling or convincing.

Also, since most everything is already done FOR YOU there is no inventory, shipping, follow up, and in some cases very little emails you have to send.

A sales funnel does most all the back office work for you

while the customer purchases the products and services through the website created by the business that you joined.

The online sales funnel can provide to you

the income and commissions when the customer signs up and gets involved with the sales funnel business and does the exact same thing you are following.

If you do NOT have a sales funnel

it is VERY DIFFICULT to make any money!

You must join a company

that has a successful sales funnel set up for you online

that can provide everything I mentioned above.

Without an excellent sales funnel, you will find it difficult to CONVERT people to become customers.

The answer is, a resounding YES,

you need a tried, tested and true

online sales funnel in order to convert your traffic to sales!


There are 4 different stages to an online sales funnel.

First, there is the awareness stage.

This is when the customer becomes aware

of a company that can solve their situation or

problem that they need help with.

For example,

if the customer is in financial debt, they need to

earn an income immediately!


Secondly, the customer becomes interested in the product or service.

The reason the customer becomes interested or involved is that the service or product provides relief or solves their situation.

Thirdly, the online customer makes a decision to join.

They make this decision simply because by joining, it solves their problem.

Fourthly, the customer takes action and decides to solve their situation.


Usually, an online sales funnel will provide a landing page or offer page.

On this page the customer will fill out their email address in order to gain access to the site that has piqued their interest.

This is also referred to a capture page

where the email is captured

and an auto responder

will now take over and communicate with the customer.

When you join a good online sales funnel,

make sure they offer you training on how to set up your sales funnel.

A good company that I WILL recommend

does this FOR YOU!

Once the customer is inside the funnel,

they may at times watch a fantastic sales video

that will entice them to solve what ever problem they are enduring.

Usually the customer wants MORE FREEDOM

to live their life the way they desire!

In order to gain this freedom,

they must create wealth!

A good Company

will explain how this can be accomplished though their platform when they join.

Once the customer joins,

they can start making money from home and earn a great living if they follow the training and set up that the company should provide.


After the initial set up

and some training to learn the platform,

you can make an online income in as little as 48 hours!

This, of course depends on the business you join.

You want to make sure they are legit!

An outstanding Sales Funnel can really provide wealth for you


your family if you select the right platform.


The Home Business Academy’s 30-Minute Workday can provide you a PASSIVE INCOME or Residual Income Month after month! Check out the by clicking the links above.

I hope you enjoyed my article! If you have any questions or comments, be sure to leave them below and I will personally get back to you.

I also wish you and your family tons of blessings this year and to stay healthy and safe.

Very Sincerely,

John Aitken

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4 thoughts on “Best Online Sales Funnel Business – Top Pick”

  1. I have heard of several sales funnel, but you took a different tune on the 30-minute workday. I have always known that an online sales funnel can always help you speed up sales. With this program coming with an already prepared landing page for the autoresponder to take over and also a sales video like you said, I think I will take a look at it for my business. 

    • Thanks for your comment on my article.  Yes, Sales Funnels are the way to go these days as they do most all of the work for you.  The Autoresponder saves you TONS of time and makes it so much easier to earn income and get sales as it sends out one email to everyone on your list at the same time.  You can even personalize your emails and the autoresponder will include your customers first name in the correspondence.  

  2. I’ve thought about sales funnels.  It’s just that my site wouldn’t quite work with one.  I have a travel site.  I keep thinking about starting another site that would be more profitable for me.  But travel is my passion, and I do enjoy writing about it.  I guess I just really need to decide if I want to make a serious income.  If so, I really need to branch out on something besides travel LOL.

    • All good points you bring out Leahrae.  Thanks for commenting on my article, Best online sales funnel business.  Income is much easier to make these days due to people staying at home and fearful of loosing their jobs.  Sales Funnels are the easiest way to earn income while having the sales funnel do most all the work FOR YOU!  


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