Achieving Your Goals


Are you on the highway to success or are you just cruising down the road taking in the sights?

If you are like me, when I set my mind to something, there is NO stopping me until I achieve the goal!

I want you to think back in your life and remember a time when you REALLY wanted something so bad you would stop at nothing to get it. Maybe you were a child and wanted that Red Wagon, or that Football jersey or maybe that popular Doll other kids already owned down the street.

As you got older maybe it was that boy or that girl that you so longed for and were attracted to! Still, other examples may be that first shiny car and your very own freedom, or that High School Diploma or College Degree. Maybe you played sports and it was your goal to become a starter on the team or win the championship. Do you remember?


Did it feel great to finally get what you worked so hard for? Do you remember all those days and evenings thinking about being on the other side of your dream or goal?


It’s important to visualize what kept you on that path to victory and success! Whatever drove you to capture that goal, you knew it would take some effort and work on your part to finally arrive. You knew it would not happen overnight. You also had a good reality check that success comes with working at it!


I will share a story with you. When I was 8 years young, I wanted to be a star Football player. My Dad was a coach / teacher and had coached several famous football players like Ronnie Lott, Dennis Thurman and others who ended up going to U.S.C. (University of Southern California) and on to the Professional NFL. My Dad came home one day after school and gave me a kicking shoe that was used for the U.S.C. Trojan football team. Back in those days everyone kicked field goals straight on and not soccer style. This shoe was a “square toed” shoe for better accuracy.

I was young but my eyes and heart were open with desire and could actually see myself kicking the winning point in a game. All I had to do was learn and practice over and over!


When I was 18 years old, I became the starter for my High School Football team at Mira Costa in Manhattan Beach California. I was their starting kicker and was called upon with 3 seconds left in the game to kick the winning extra point against our rival. After years of visualizing success, it finally happened! I made the extra point and the crowd went absolutely nuts as we were playing in front of our home crowd. My parents watched, along with my girlfriend and the entire student body. I will never forget that night and all the hard work I put in to achieve my goal. I never gave up but more importantly, I visualized success and it occurred.


Visualize what you want, how to achieve it and each day work on it! You WILL own it in time. Be patient as wonderful accomplishments come to those who keep their eye on the ball!

If you want something you’ve never had before, you have to DO something you’ve never done before!

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Thank you for reading my friends!



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2 thoughts on “Achieving Your Goals”

  1. I have already managed to help myself achieve my goals with visualization several times. Of course, it is not enough to just visualize. It is important that you are focused and that you work towards achieving your goals. And when you achieve some difficult goal you have set, it feels like the whole universe is behind you and supporting you. I wish you a lot of success in achieving your further goals!

    • Hello Nina!  Thanks for your positive comment on Achieving your goals.  You use a very good method of visualization.  This allows one to stay focused and have a mindset that is built for success.  Goals can be achieved with this kind of visualization.  Of course, you make a great point in exposing that the work also needs to be done.  I have found that at Wealthy Affiliate, with the awesome training they provide, the success financially comes to us if we stay the course.  That feeling that the universe is behind us, comes with dedication, smart work and a positive attitude. 


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