A Quick Way to Earn Legitimate Money Online

Is there such a thing as earning money online quickly?

Some say you cannot and others say yes you can! It all depends on selecting a platform and business that is legitimate with a membership that has very little attrition.



There are many ways to make online money, but what is the fastest way to earn it?

If you are like me,

and wanting to earn an income from a legitimate business online but not have to wait for months to see any results, then you have found the correct article which will guide you to a platform that can earn you an instant income (48 hours after you join and train)!


It is called:



First of all,

I would not have found this online if it was not for another associate who emailed me to let me know that he makes 90% of his income with this platform

and started making a fast income within 48 hours after his training.

I immediately thought,

“this must be too good to be true!”

I had not heard of an online platform that delivered so quickly in the internet world.

Of course, I believed that it must be a scam!


The associate who pointed me into this direction of the 30-Minute Workday was someone I trusted, someone with good character. I had no reason to doubt him in his recommendation.

At first,

I did nothing,

but after some time,

I kept asking myself, what IF he was right and this opportunity was completely legit?

I could be passing up an opportunity to gain income very fast if this was true.

You guessed it!

I decided to give it a try!


I went all in and over to the website and noticed that they offered a FREE 30-Minute Workday Escape Plan! I thought that was a catchy name since I wanted to ESCAPE from my job and only work 30-Minutes per day!

There was a link that I clicked on to get the 30-minute escape plan. I downloaded the e-book and read all the nearly 200 pages in one sitting.

It was an easy and entertaining read! It taught me the 3 principles that I needed to learn in order to achieve financial freedom.

They have what is called, The Freedom Launch Pad Formula that provides you freedom through wealth!

Those 3 things seemed easy enough to apply to my life!

I wanted wealth AND freedom!

I learned that without wealth, I cannot have the freedom to enjoy all the things I wanted in this life.


I wanted to pay off all my debt,

quit that soul sucking job that was taking up 60 hours of my week,

be able to travel whenever I wanted,

work when I want,

contribute to my community,

spend more time in prayer,

work on getting my body physically fit and healthy,

spend more time with my loved ones and family and the list goes on!

I learned through the 30-Minute Workday Escape Plan that there were principles that work 100% of the time but most people do not know what they are.

Finding out that many people think working HARD is the only way to achieve financial freedom was also something I embraced until I learned differently. Working SMART not HARD is the key to having freedom and success online.

If you want to earn money the quickest way online, The 30-Minute Workday delivers!

My first week was amazing as I made several hundred dollars by following the 3 simple steps that was taught in the e-book.

During my first 30 days,

I woke up one morning and found I had made a commission of $400 overnight while I was sleeping.

This is called passive income which turns into recurring income month after month!


Instead of listening to all these GURUS who had been telling me I must work hard in order to make a fast income online, I decided to listen and follow someone who actually does work smart and not hard in order to achieve freedom through wealth.


I now teach others how to earn a great living online without having to put in hours upon hours daily in order to achieve success.

I work when I want,

send ONE email a day to a list I have

and then go do whatever I want the rest of the day!

The income is great and I am always in the top 10 earners for the company.

I offer my help and assistance to anyone who decided to join the 30-Minute Workday Platform by giving out my email address as well as my phone number.


The training I received was second to none and without it, I would not be able to live a life of freedom through wealth!

The founder, Nick is amazing and the way he explains everything with his training videos is easy to understand.

The 30-Minute Workday is now one with Home Business Academy (HBA) which pays me weekly.

Commissions are 80% which is unheard-of in the industry. They pay me and my customers EVERY Friday!

If you are looking to make fast income and enjoy a life of freedom by obtaining wealth,

I highly recommend The 30-mintue Workday!


Blessings to you and your family!

John Aitken

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6 thoughts on “A Quick Way to Earn Legitimate Money Online”

  1. This is an excellent review of the 30-minute workday? Who wouldn’t want to be able to do that? I would love to learn more about it as currently I really struggle with lack of time. Everything takes so long and I find myself prioritizing all the time as I’m not able to do it all at once.

    • Hi Anna,

      Thanks for reviewing my article called A quick way to earn legitimate money online.  That’s exactly what our members are doing as we speak!  It’s so refreshing to find a platform that DELIVERS the goods (income) quickly and provides residual income month after month.  Their sales Funnel builder is AWESOME!  Spending only 30 minutes per day and sending out one email and then doing whatever we want the rest of the day is a PLEASURE and a TREASURE!  

  2. I have not heard about the 30 minute Workday before, and I have to be honest, I am quite skeptical. You mentioned the free 200 page ebook and then you also mention training that your received. But how did you access the training? Training in what is this, affiliate training or something else? 

    You mention sending one email a day to a list that you have. But what happens if I don’t already have a list? Is there a cost for the training?

    • Thanks for commenting on my article called A quick way to earn legitimate money online.  To answer your questions:

      Yes, they give you an  e-book that explains how you can make a wonderful residual income online.  There are NO SECRECTS to making a good living online, but there are PRINCIPLES that most people overlook.  That is why only about 3-5% are successful online and the rest just give up.  They are not willing to learn these simple principles.  Many just want a quick fix handed to them. 

      The 30-Minute Workday is not a quick fix or a get rich scheme.  They are a legitimate business that believes in sound principles with honest leadership.  They training is both video and you can also join the Zoom meetings LIVE on Monday evening (or watch them the next day on re-run)  At the live meetings you can ask questions and they will have experts on to help and give successful advice. 

      This is all Affiliate Marketing and you can run ANY business through the Sales Funnel builder.  The funnel builder or Freedom Launch pad does most all of the work FOR YOU!  The other day, I woke up to a $400 Commission and came in while I was sleeping.

      The membership allows you make an 80% commission on each  person who joins and uses the sales funnel builder.

      If you do not have a list, they will train you on how you get build one FREE! 

  3. I was just having a read at your post here and it all seems very promising. However, we live in a time where you have millions of people all trying to sell you something and this requires having to risk your money on the off chance that you might make something back. I think if they had some sort of Free version you could try out, then I’d be far more inclined to check it out.

    • It was a pleasure to read your comment on my article called A quick way to earn Legitimate Money Online.  To answer your question, yes, they do offer a free membership for 3 days where you can cancel with no risk.  They also offer a ONE WEEK trial for only $1.  Pretty awesome to know that you can be trained with a wonderful platform and community willing to help you every step of the way.  They also offer the Zoom meetings for Premium members EVERY Monday evening where you can ask questions and get solid answers and advice to make you even more successful. 


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